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Our Mission

Langsun Carbide committed to enhance customer satisfaction by continually improving the process with a vision of expertise in the field of tungsten carbide products by incorporating

Our Business Objectiives

We aim to attain paramount position in our field of operation through innovative approach and ethical business practices. In addition, we also focus to

Our Certification and Approvals

* ISO 9001 * Made in China golden supplier


Ningbo Langsun Tungsten Carbide Co., Ltd.

Ningbo Langsun Tungsten Carbide Co., Ltd. is a professional tungsten carbide manufacturer in China. We have a very experienced team in sales,   developing and researching new tungsten carbide products. We have more   than 10 years rich experience in tungsten carbide field, and have many   OEM products produced for our domestic and aboard customers.Our main products include tungsten carbide wear parts, mechanical seal   rings and sleeves, nozzles, carbide blade, carbide mining bits, drilling   bits, drill tools, tungsten carbide inserts, tungsten rods and plates,   carbide cutting tips, roll for high speed rolling for steel bar,   tungsten balls and seats, tungsten jewelries, and non-standard   customized tungsten carbide products.

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