2019-10-21 13:11:15

Is tungsten ring made of tungsten carbide?

Modern people's living standards have improved. When they get married, they will choose all kinds of exquisite rings. Generally, people will choose gold rings or rings with diamonds. In fact, in addition to these two kinds of common rings, there is also a kind of tungsten gold ring.


Tungsten gold ring can be divided into two types, one is gold-plated ring, the other is tungsten carbide alloy ring. The former is coated with gold on the outside of tungsten alloy, and the latter is made of pure tungsten carbide.


 As we all know, tungsten carbide is one of the hardest metal materials, which is mainly used in some metal cutting tool industries, or some industries that need to strengthen the hardness of tools, such as the use of tungsten carbide spraying. It is because of the hardness of tungsten carbide that it is applied to rings.


Why tungsten carbide

Because tungsten is the only metal material that can be permanently polished. Although rings look very smooth and shiny when they leave the factory, after a period of use, there will be scratches on the ring surface due to various kinds of friction. No matter it is gold ring, platinum ring finger or titanium ring, it cannot be avoided.


But tungsten rings rarely come across this kind of situation, of course, it is because it is very hard, rarely meet the materials that can leave scratches on it.